Out of all other Content Management systems, WordPress is the most widely popular CMS system. It powers more than 40% of every website online. Don’t ask why, because the answer has no end. Right from simple use to accomplishing everything, from powerful themes to plugins. Every one of the aspects builds rigid bonds between merchants and customers.

Considering all these we think WordPress Developer is in demand. As it’s an important role that every brand is likely to fill. A good WordPress Developer has a fair understanding of the WordPress core, writes custom themes, can code, and looks after servers and security too. Are you thinking of investing in a WordPress developer? Then here’s everything about WordPress Developers and their benefits to an e-commerce business.

Who is a WordPress developer?

A WordPress developer is an individual who is fully specialized in the WordPress infrastructure. A WordPress expert not only manages, designs, and builds websites yet even builds plugins & themes. Developing and building new items is their main thing. That’s not it. Here are the things that these WordPress developers are involved with:

  • Redesign
  • Themes
  • Resources
  • Plugins
  • Wireframes
  • SEO
  • Migrating Sites and Marketing

What does a WordPress developer do?

The general aspect that a WordPress developer does is developing & designing new functions and features. They also translate client needs to technical specifications. Not just maintenance but also they implement website architecture. The average WordPress developer’s income is $64,245 annually. And other payments are details such as profit sharing and commissions estimated at $23,504.

1. A growing Community

Do you know that the WordPress community is growing widely and quickly? Also, as per the report, WordPress has 58% shared within 300 content management systems. This count could be maximized more and more. Now, WordPress is powering more than 74 million websites which are translated into over 70 languages.

2. WordPress is not going anywhere

Website builders can change every time and now, but WordPress is different from theirs. WordPress got no CEO and it’s secured by WordPress, to make sure WordPress is growing continuously.

It’s a big community of users, merchants, developers, and small businesses everyone makes sure WordPress stays stronger. Being a WordPress beginner, you could interact with the global community too. Our own WPBeginner is the biggest WordPress community. It is the best place to obtain answers to WordPress questions.

3. WordPress offers An Enterprise-Level Platform

WordPress is truly turned out to be an enterprise-level platform used. That is utilized by high brands across the world such as oracle, cisco, and Microsoft. Also, WordPress powers 100,000+ enterprise sites. WordPress enterprise gets updates more continuously than other versions. It can be a wonderful choice that is willing to get security needs and update.

4. High capacity of Customization

The best thing about WordPress is that it offers incredible scope for personalization than other CMS platforms. Add design elements, custom functionality, and SEO features to the website. And its community of WordPress plugins makes it more simple to do anything.

In case you like to add a custom analytics tracking code you can use any plugin such as google analytics. Do you want a trendy search bar on your page top as Google search? You can find many plugins that enable you to fulfill your goals without needing more effort.


WordPress developers are in huge demand as WordPress is considered to be promising in terms of simple use and custom-built websites. A WordPress developer can take your site to another level. Then capitalize on the site’s potential for better growth and revenue.

If you are seeking a wide array of options, WordPress developers are the perfect way to go. It’s a better way to get the job done flawlessly with saving tons of budget. Their team of developers and the project manager who organizes with the developer will interface to make a big difference in ensuring that you meet your vision.

A WordPress developer could enable merchants to set up several plugins. And let them personalize their website as they like. They develop search engine optimization features for ranking well in Google searches. These help you in several ways for monetizing the site. And then make it a core for e-commerce. Get help from skilled and expert WordPress developers who are trained in the latest technologies, and gain attention and growth.